Our Products

Halston is the India Distributor for the following solutions from Kratos Networks and Gambit Communications:

Compass- SCADA solutions for Device Management and Control
NeuralStar- NMS for Enterprise Management
MIMIC SNMP Simulator -for Network Simulations
Voyager - NMS for SATCOM
MONICS – Satellite Carrier Monitoring Systems

Used in Network Simulation by Developers, Testers, and Evaluators of Network Management Products.

MIMIC Simulator creates a real world lab environment, with 50,000 devices, at a fraction of the cost of physical equipment. It is industry’s first integrated simulation tool supporting sFlow, NetFlow, and SNMP and allows developers to perform real world, integrated device simulations. It lets creation of SNMP v1, v2,v3, IPMI, Cisco IOS, Juniper JUNOS, and Telnet/SSH based Devices Users create a customizable virtual environment populated with simulated routers, hubs, switches, WiFi/WiMAX/LTE devices, probes, cable modems, servers and workstations.

MIMIC is extensively being used globally with marquee customers being, IBM, Cisco, HP, CA, NORTEL, Siemens and many more.

MIMIC helps people from Enterprise Management Applications for the following:

• QA/Development/R&D
• Sales/Marketing
• Evaluation/Deployment/Training


The MIMIC Simulator standard package comes with many tools, wizards, ready-to-go libraries and APIs.


• MIMICView - User friendly GUI to manipulate the simulations
• MIMIC Simulator - Allows the simulation of an enterprise network on a workstation
• MIMIC Recorder - Captures a "snapshot" of the device/network and creates the simulations
• MIMIC Compiler - Compiles any SMI-based MIB
• MIMIC Shell - Tcl-based command-line interface

A Simulator suite which includes:

SNMP, NetFlow, sFlow, IOS/JUNOS/TelNet, Server IPMI, Cable Modem Windows®, Solaris, Linux and Amazon Cloud.

Download MIMIC SNMP Network Simulator Product Brochure