Our Products

Halston is the India Distributor for the following solutions from Kratos Networks and Gambit Communications:

Compass- SCADA solutions for Device Management and Control
NeuralStar- NMS for Enterprise Management
MIMIC SNMP Simulator -for Network Simulations
Voyager - NMS for SATCOM
MONICS – Satellite Carrier Monitoring Systems

Used in Satellite Carrier Monitoring

MONICS helps you to meet the challenges faced to monitor assets in the Telecom and Broadcasting Industry. It helps you to Closely Monitor your satellite’s uplink and downlink performance and is adaptable to suit operators of the likes of Small to Global Sites. Now you can increase the boundary of your monitoring capabilities. The system includes a powerful Digital Signal Processor that simultaneously displays the desired carrier and any interfering carriers. In addition, it provides modulation information about both carriers.

MONICS is typically chosen by the Satellite Operator or Service Provider who is looking for unbounded monitoring capability.

Now empower your Monitoring Station with the following capabilities that only comes with MONICS:

• Automatic Monitoring/Alarms
• Automatic Interference detection
• Multiple monitoring sites
• Extensive Carrier Management
• Open database interface
• Carrier under Carrier display
• FEC reporting
• TDMA/FDMA display
• Transponder compression monitoring
• Manual & automatic monitoring

Download MONICS Product Brochure