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Network Simulator

With MIMIC SNMP Network Simulator obtain a convenient and cost effective means for all your R & D, QA, Testing and Training needs of enterprise Management applications.

This versatile suite of software tools is commonly used in:

   Development and Testing : Management application developers can implement their products quickly and test reliably.

   Evaluation : Enterprises can evaluate the suitability of applications with anticipated failure and growth scenarios, or qualify purchases before deployment.

   Trade Shows : Marketing can setup powerful "live" demonstrations at trade shows.

   Sales Demos : Sales can tailor presentations to the individual customer's environment.

   Training Environments: Realistic training scenarios can explore all possible cases. Training environment can be portable rather than based on the classroom.

A typical scenario of a Network Management System (NMS) managing multiple devices over local and Wide Area Networks.

Virtual Lab: MIMIC simulates all types of managed devices over LAN / WAN.