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Halston is the India Distributor for the following solutions from Kratos Networks and Gambit Communications:

Compass- SCADA solutions for Device Management and Control
NeuralStar- NMS for Enterprise Management
MIMIC SNMP Simulator -for Network Simulations
Voyager - NMS for SATCOM
MONICS – Satellite Carrier Monitoring Systems

360 Degree IT Consolidated Dashboard

Used in monitoring Enterprise IP and Backbone Networks

NeuralStar is used by some of the most robust and security-conscious enterprise-grade military and commercial networks in the world. NeuralStar monitors events that may impact network availability, performance, security, or quality of service, providing network operators with a single situational awareness dashboard. By collecting performance data from all network hardware, applications, management and security systems, operators can identify health and status issues, make adjustments to maintain network throughput, and minimize anomalies such as congestion and latency.


• An integrated Event Resolution Approach
• Work-flow Based Automation( for response to network events)
• Set Alerts to Anyone/Everyone
• Send Device commands directly to affected devices.
• Integrated Fault Management and Event Resolution.
• Total Control: One view across all Networks
    • Heads Up Displays
    • Easy to use navigation of Network Resources.
    • Unlimited Situational Views
• Efficiently manage converged and complex networks
• Issue Alerts and Management Commands directly to devices.
• Anomaly Analysis and Event Pattern Recognition
• Centralized Network Management
• Event Co-Relation and analysis

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