Our Products

Halston is the India Distributor for the following solutions from Kratos Networks and Gambit Communications:

Compass- SCADA solutions for Device Management and Control
NeuralStar- NMS for Enterprise Management
MIMIC SNMP Simulator -for Network Simulations
Mimic Virtual Lab CCNA
MONICS – Satellite Carrier Monitoring Systems

Used in monitoring Satellite and Wireless Networks by Broadcasters, Satellite Operators, Military and Telecom Providers

COMPASS™ is a proven and industry leading device management and control solution for mission critical networks. Broadcasters, satellite operators, telecommunications providers, the military and a range of other industries, across 3000 installations use COMPASS to ensure the health and uptime of equipment. With over 3,000 installations, COMPASS is deployed across the United States and around the globe as a mission-critical management solution. COMPASS helps reduce Operational Costs and Increase QoS and Service Levels

COMPASS Provides:

1. Monitor and Control tool for RF Equipment.
2. Operational Technology for
    • Satellite Earth Stations
    • MW Towers
    • Remote Sites
    • A Range of Hybrid Networks.


• Alarm & Event Management
• Driver library
• ODBC interface
• Replication (multiple site management)
• API for Scheduling/Billing
• Spectrum Analyzer interface
• History/Trending
• Connections: Analog, GPIB, IP, RS232/422/485


• Tracking of all equipments
• Maintain device inventory details
• Routine Maintenance information intimation
• Complete Monitor and Control Visibility
• Assured Service Management
• Deep Device Profile Management
• Remote Site Management
• Real Time Intelligence and Automation
• Integrated Trouble Ticketing
• Centralized Inventory Management System

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