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Solutions to manage, monitor and control your sites, using the best of satellite and terrestrial technologies to deliver a wealth of benefits to companies of all sizes and across all business sectors.

Halston provides industry Leading Satellite and Terrestrial Network Management Systems for control of Data, Internet, Broadcast, Telecom, and Hybrid networks. (Software and systems for equipment Monitor & Control)

These systems allow the operators to not only view the network as they do today using the traditional block and level displays (Figure 1) but also provides them views for each of the services that are running on the network.

These service views provide an origination to destination view of only the specific equipment associated with the transmission of the service (Figure 2).

As online units fail, and standby units are activated, the service displays are automatically updated to reflect the new transmission path for the service. When there is an alarm in the system because of an equipment failure, operators are alerted to not only the fact that a piece of equipment has failed, but also to what “downstream” services are affected by the equipment failure.

Globally these systems are helping some of the major Teleports and VSAT Hubs of the likes of BT, Intelsat, CHINA Satcom.

Products: COMPASS™, NeuralStar, MONICS