Job Openings

Halston Softwares is a technology company focused on out-of-box solutions for process automation and satcom domains.None of this can happen without our staff. When hiring, it is not all about the technical aptitude, we want people who are interesting, curious and passionate and that get a thrill out of solving tricky problems.
When applying for roles with us or if you are invited for an interview be prepared to highlight the following (in no particular order):

Leadership Qualities
We are looking for examples of leading a team but also taking the initiative (even if working alone).
Problem Solving Ability
Both technical and non-technical examples
Role Related Knowledge
Be it coding ability, domain expertise or soft skills, we want to hear how you think you can contribute.
Interest / Culture
We want to determine if you are a cultural fit at Halston. We like interesting people – tell us about your non-work activities and interests.

We are always eager to hear from Automation and design engineers, software developers, marketing professionals.
If there are no roles listed please still feel free to submit your interest in working with us to: