Reporting Solutions

Efficient production analysis is essential for achieving optimization. Reports serve as the fundamental building blocks of daily operations and play an integral role in informing strategic decisions. However, the creation of effective reports can often be a challenging and time-consuming endeavour. Our reporting services address this issue by automating the report generation process, facilitating data analysis. Our reporting software, designed specifically for industrial automation applications, is not only user-friendly but also fully automated. Furthermore, we harness the latest Microsoft Office technology to incorporate a robust reporting engine, enhancing the overall reporting capabilities and empowering data-driven decision-making.


Key Features:

  • Simple and programming free; No web skills required.
  • Easy and open connectivity to automation systems.
  • Dynamic Report generation.
  • Enhanced provisions to produce Encrypted files, automatically or on-demand, at incredible speeds and consistent with the template design.
  • Reports with all the great features of Excel such as charts, formats and formulas together with specific functionalities.
  • Provision to accesses open or proprietary archives and data sources, generating professional reports and dashboards.
  • Integrated scheduler, data logger, manual data entry and powerful analytics.
  • User Security