Simulation modelling offers a secure and efficient means of resolving real-world challenges. It serves as a crucial analytical method that can be readily validated, communicated, and comprehended. Spanning various industries and fields, simulation modelling offers invaluable solutions by offering lucid insights into intricate systems. Its applications in the business world are diverse, typically coming into play when conducting experiments on an actual system proves unfeasible or impractical, often due to constraints such as cost or time.

Energy Modelling Simulator

Smart Energy ( represents a robust and cutting-edge web-based tool for energy analysis and thermal load simulation. Engineers and architects can now utilise Smart Energy to precisely determine the energy performance requirements of buildings. This powerful tool generates energy consumption analyses through a variety of graphical reports. Smart Energy's assessment capabilities extend to predicting energy and demand savings, as well as assessing thermal comfort impacts for a range of demand-responsive strategies. Users input essential information such as building type, floor area, building envelope, orientation, utility schedules, and more. Additionally, Smart Energy incorporates a library of predefined default commercial building types, complete with typical construction details, interior loads, operational schedules, and HVAC system configurations. This feature streamlines the process of creating energy models for different building types. One of the standout features of the program is its user-friendly interface, designed for a smooth transition from traditional manual and spreadsheet-based load calculations, requiring minimal learning curve.

Cargo Ship Simulator

The Cargo Handling Simulator is designed to replicate the real-time process control systems involved in handling potentially hazardous bulk liquids or cryogenically stored LPG & LNG cargoes during transfers between shore and ship, and vice versa. It offers a comprehensive training tool that covers a wide spectrum of scenarios, from routine operations to critical emergencies with high-risk potential.

This simulator is an advanced training solution tailored for both operational and managerial officers involved in cargo handling.

The system is highly adaptable, with options ranging from a single PC instructor-less setup to a comprehensive full-mission configuration that includes cargo control consoles, instructor stations, mimic pipeline panels, and more.

For LNG carriers, the simulator offers exceptionally detailed models.

It is well-suited for training personnel across all proficiency levels, including familiarisation, operational training, and management training. At each level, specific learning objectives can be achieved, tracked, analysed, and followed by constructive feedback to facilitate continuous improvement.